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Art therapy course

Strengthen your confidence


A regular and permanent Art-therapy workshop, every month according to the calendar.

What does it consist of ?

✨ A regular appointment, a beneficial ritual and a time for yourself.

Art-therapy workshop with drawing, painting, collage.

✨ Each participant follows their unique rhythm.

✨ Free creation or by theme, individual or collective creation according to the desire of the group.

✨ A small group listening, carrying and supporting.

✨ A warm, caring space. A space of freedom, confidences, confidentiality.

A space for creation, creativity, experimentation.

✨ The art therapist that I am leaves you free and accompanies you on your journey.

You have the choice to say or not to say. The art therapist does not issue any assessment, comparison, commentary or subjective interpretation.


You want to know more about art therapy.

Build confidence to:

✨ Esteem yourself: love yourself, accept yourself, understand yourself better, value yourself, know yourself.

✨ Become kind to yourself.

✨ Balance the dialogue between your body and your mind / intellect.

✨ Soothe your inner judge and connect to your inner child.

✨ Express yourself serenely for yourself and in front of others. Play alone in the presence of others.

✨ Discover forgotten parts of yourself.

✨ Dare to awaken your creativity, potential and intuition.

Sanitary measures : hand washing, wearing a mask required, ventilation of the workshop, disinfection of equipment. If you have symptoms, please stay home.

Every last Saturday of the month

March 26

April 23

May 28

June 25


200 € - Material included

(deposit of €50 for booking via the Lydia app or by cheque)

Commitment on the 4 dates strongly desired

Workshops for adults and young adults, limited to 5 participants

in La Roche-sur-Yon, Vendée

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